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Jenny Holzer

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Featured artist collaboration

Banana, c. 1966

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Artist Collaborations

The Skateroom collaborates with internationally acclaimed artists and art foundations to produce art editions on skateboards.

Why art editions on skateboards? A skateboard is an ideal canvas because it is affordable, mobile, and useable. A skateboard is a symbol of freedom. It has the power to break social barriers. A skateboard embodies the core idea that drives The Skateroom forward – Art for Social Impact.

We believe art should be accessible to all. We believe art can change the world.

We achieve this through artivism by joining forces with the world’s most recognized artists and engaging them in our vision of engaged consumption. When we place these iconic works on skateboards, we’re not just taking art off the museum walls and giving it back to the community – We are inviting you to be a part of our movement.

Through each artist collaboration we launch, we dedicate up to 25% of the profit on every sale to fund a specific social project around the world. By uniting artists and art enthusiasts, together, we are empowering children in disadvantaged situations to seek out a brighter future.

“We collaborate with artists to create art editions on responsibly made skateboards.” Charles-Antoine Bodson, Founder of The Skateroom
Recent Artist Collaborations

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